Checking Out?

We are all consumers.

Do you remember the last time you were at the grocery store? It has probably been within the last week. When was the last time you actually stopped and watched the clerk and asked about their day? A clerk sees dozens of people day in and day out. They see the mom with young kids screaming to get out of the store. They see the couple who has been arguing through the store trying to determine what they can and can’t afford. They see the elderly come through so happy to be out and about.

 They see it all.

Have you ever thought about the events that happen in their work day? A declined credit card, or worse yet a stolen one.   A can of pop explodes in to a sticky and wet mess.   The half eaten candy bars they are asked to ring up or the pile of coupons they are asked to scan. Some days it’s hard to believe that people sign up to do these things. Yet they greet you and ask how your day is. They ask you if you found everything.

They expect a canned response – “fine” or “yes.” That is if they get a response at all. We are all in such a hurry. We are usually racing to get our items on the belt, fiddling to find our wallets, sliding our cards through the machine, thinking about paper, plastic or did I bring my reusable bags with me? I have bought many of these bags and I would feel redemption if I could only remember to bring them back to the store with me.

Then success. You have completed the sale and are heading to the car with your rations for the week. Back in the store, the clerk has moved on to the next person waiting for the same “completion glow” that you now possess.

Let’s go back to the store. Could I make a small but meaningful difference in this situation? YES!!! If I pause and momentarily focus on the person and the situation. How about a sincere exchange of words with this person? How is their day going? If I am pleasant will they remember? Could it make things better? Can I make a contribution to the moment? Yes, yes and yes.

The spirit of gratitude can emerge in nearly every situation. By sharing it with others we continue to foster the feelings of good will, hope and many more. It doesn’t take a big effort but rather a desire to make a small and positive change.

Are you heading to the store today?  Try a little gratitude on your way out.   Leaving with a sense of gratitude for completing a task as well as adding some sunshine to another persons day – a nice change.

It is a gift you can tap in to – anytime.


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