Are You Out of Your Mind?

This is an attention-grabbing headline for many reasons.

This may conjure up visions of being frazzled, time sensitive or stress.

I would like to encourage all of us to embrace this state more often. Yes, you read right….get out of your mind. My premise is that the more you can get out of your mind the greater your capacity to give and receive gratitude.
Have you ever noticed your energy when you are opening a greeting card?
Your energy when you are writing a card?
Often times our demeanor softens, our pace slows and we focus on a different area – someone or something else.
In essence we get out of our minds and think of someone or something else. Even if it is only lasts momentarily it is a nice respite.
Our energy will help attract more of what we want in our lives. Have you ever stopped to think about what you want more of in your life? Would it be worthwhile and interesting to attract more of it in to your life?
I realize the answers may sound obvious but this is an idea that is under-utilized.
If you make a conscious effort to get out of your mind and focus on others, the doors of possibility, contentment and gratitude swing wide-open.
So how can we get out of our minds?   I have one sound and fool-proof idea for you. For the next couple of days, try waking up and grab 2 sheets of paper and a pen or pencil. My challenge to you is to wake up and write 2 full sheets of thoughts. Write down whatever comes to mind. These don’t need to be compete sentences, thoughts or even properly spelled. Just get the thoughts down and OUT. Don’t worry about how important the items on these sheets are, just start writing. If you have a hard time getting started, try just writing your name and the names of people in your family. If you are still stuck, write about what you have eaten in the last day. The act of writing (not typing) helps give life to your thoughts and get them out of your head.
After you complete your 2 pages tune in to your energy and feelings. How have they changed? I think you will notice a shift. Eventually you will start to notice others and they will be at the forefront of your thoughts. This shift in consciousness can have a profound impact on you and the people you come in contact with.
Now if you need an even greater challenge in your 2 pages of writing, use the subject “what am I grateful for” as your prompting thought for your writing. This can fuel an even greater shift in your consciousness. It encourages a proactive focus. When I think about the things I am thankful for I start writing about clean air, fresh food, wet noses and the pages take on a positive and refreshing view.
This activity helps clear my head of “static” which allows for greater focus. How would greater focus help you?  So go ahead and go a little crazy; out of your mind crazy.

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