Residual Impact

Do you remember the gifts you received on your last birthday? 

How about the last handwritten letter you received in the mail?

Both of these questions may stir up the same response of uncertainty. Which one will you remember first? Do you still have yearbooks from your school days? Are there nice notes in the yearbook?

When we think about ways to express gratitude, the written word can become the most memorable and useful tool you have.   Remember one of the strongest legacies left behind by President Ronald Reagan are his famous letters to his wife, Nancy. 

The depth of feeling and expression in the written word is powerful.  When you are searching for the perfect expression of gratitude, I would like to recommend writing. 

This could take the form of a thank you note, a letter, a poem, a short story, a haiku, the possibilities are endless.  Add a special piece of paper and you have a truly unique gift.

Don’t wait for the perfect words to enter your mind.  As long as the words come from you, they will be perfect.  


Go forth in gratitude.


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