Graduating with Gratitude.

As the school year winds down, I think about all of the educators who are getting ready for summer vacation.  They have an awesome responsibility; raising our next group of leaders, doctors, astronauts and more. 

What kind of school year did you have?  Who do you remember from your school days?  Who made an impact on you?

Educators have a tremendous calling.  When a major event comes to an end it is not uncommon to express gratitude.  Do we do this at the end of the school year?  Would it be a nice surprise to show appreciation during a different time of year?  How about marking a date on the calendar this summer and sending a nice note to a deserving teacher at this time?  This doesn’t take a lot of time but it could make a great impact on the person receiving it. 

What a terrific gift.  If it is an actual gift that you would like to give as gratitude you could consider a couple of these:

Gift certificate to a bookstore

Gift card for a car wash

A Novel for summer reading

Baked goods made with care

Creativity is your only limitation.  You will also reap the benefit of opening up your mind and heart to the needs of others.  Take a moment – thank an educator. 

Congratulations graduates – a wonderful life awaits your contribution.


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