Appreciation Brings Out the Best in Everyone!

Management professionals are acutely aware of how proper leadership development can lead to greater team building success.

When we learn certain leadership traits we gain additional insight on what improves team building.  We also learn what motivates others.

Two common traits that help achieve these goals are gratitude and appreciation.  While these attributes are powerful it is also important to remain conscientious of the balance of these displays of appreciation.

Gratitude must be shown in a way that does not ignore employees or make them feel underappreciated, otherwise the result is counterproductive. 

Of course, there will be those that will acknowledge the positive nature of such a statement but might believe it is a little too rosy. In other words, how can you provide positive encouragement to underperforming employees? And if an employee’s performance was merely average, why should the employee be patted on the back?

It is never a good idea to encourage a poor performer to continue to perform inadequately. However, it is equally unwise to not show appreciation towards an employee whose productivity might not be the best, but he/she is definitely giving it their all.

Keep the goals and expectations appropriate and well communicated with the intended recipients.  This will ensure optimum gratitude, satisfaction and performance.  Manage things – Lead people and by all means do not forget the Thank you!


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