Gratitude Challenge

I have a gratitude challenge for the day….could I do something new?  Unique?

Yes.  I am meeting a new person this morning to make a connection and to see if we have synergies that compliment.  I am going to enter this meeting with a spirit of gratitude.  What does this mean?  It equates to being completely present in the meeting and focusing on what I can add to the situation of the person I am meeting with.  This is a change from the perceived usual approach which is: what can you do for me?

If the people you came in to contact with today took this attitude, how would it change the course of the day?

I believe the changes would be dynamic and positive. 

Do you have a meeting today?

How about a phone conversation?

Will you be grocery shopping?

When you come in to contact with another person try a different tact – what can you do to add to their life?  To that moment?

Try this and see if it changes the course of your day.

May peace and positive energy illuminate this course in gratitude.

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