The Color of Gratitude

Alas, summer is upon us.

The thaw of winter gives way to a blanket of colors and smells.  It is such a joy to watch the landscape blossom and grow. 

This birth may entice you to think about doing something different, something that helps others.  Have you planted flowers or other plants?  When was the last time you felt the brush of dirt against your hands?  Have you played in the mud recently?  There is a certain comfort in feeling the earth between your fingers. 

What a perfect opportunity to express a new form of gratitude.  Summer is a great time to share the gift of new life with others.  You could share new planters of flowers, vegetables and more.  Give a vase of fresh cut flowers or herbs – imagine the scents.

These are expressions that keep on giving.  Will you be moved to share with others?  Your options are limitless and full of potential – Enjoy!  What are you grateful for?  Reward these areas with summer flair.


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