Mahalo & Aloha

I am on vacation this week.

I am in Hawaii.  I am surrounded by beauty and visions that take my breath away.  The spirit that surrounds the island is amazing – and yet……I found my most recent lesson on gratitude in a very unlikely place.

This morning was my first day on the island and I went for a walk on the beach.  I bent down to pick up a piece of coral and my cell phone fell out of my pocket in to 1/2 inch of salt water.  It was there for no more than 3 seconds. 

In a slow motion panic, I picked it up out of the water and frantically dried off the communication tool.  It powered on momentarily but not like “normal.”  I had a feeling this was not a good sign. 

When we went back to the hotel room I was able to get the power on to the phone again and this time I heard a crackling noise.  When you hear a crackle – nothing good usually comes from it. 

I spent my first day in paradise replacing my phone and pondering the greater lesson here.  I have decided to translate the loss of my cellphone as a yield sign….slow down, take in the beauty around me and enjoy.

The sites and sounds of the surf and the landscape is brilliant.  How many times do we “fly by” situations and completely miss the thoughtful and amazing moments in front of us?  Pause and breathe in the moment – it is sealed in your memory for future use.  This is my work for the next 5 days…stay tuned for updates.

I am grateful to have this week to recharge and recalibrate.  We all benefit.


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