Gratitude brings prosperity

I want to share a thought with you; the more you share gratitude the more available you become to life’s blessings. 


Just sit with this idea for a minute.  Have you ever noticed that the more you focus externally (outside of yourself) the more you grow internally.  There is a shift in consciousness.  By focusing on others you open up inside allowing for additional growth, prosperity and possibility. 

Gratitude is an act of strength and confidence.  It is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes.

Don’t believe it.

That is not a typo – do not believe what I have written…..try it.  Challenge yourself in the area of gratitude.  What can you do within the next week to add more gratitude to your life?  Try it, reflect, write about it – whatever works for you but give it a shot and see for yourself if gratitude awakens a different part of you.

I think you will like the results and I know that people around you will prosper.


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