Gratitude Leadership?


When you reflect on leadership style I would venture to guess your response does not include the word gratitude. 

Certainly we have all heard the quote;” lead by example.”  What does that mean?  Do as I do?   In the case of gratitude leadership do I lead by showing appreciation? Gratitude? 

Expressions have energy behind them.  The type of energy is dependent on the type of expression.  If I am mad and I am yelling, my expression is probably tight, agitated and loud. 

If I am thanking someone, my expression is probably soft, humble, open and pleasant.  From an expression of gratitude, is it possible that this could amplify my leadership skills? 

My overwhelming answer is YES!!!!

Leadership is an important attribute in life.  It applies to both our personal and professional lives.  It can be a trait or an act.  Some people might argue whether it is a noun or a verb.  Leadership and context are connected.

On a sports team, leadership may take the form of a captain.  In the military it may take on a new title and rank which will also reflect leadership.  In other professions, title will often denote level within an organization as well as reflect the potential level of leadership expected.  Leadership is a quality that can be cultivated, nurtured and measured. 

Success relies upon appropriate leadership and great success demands it.   

Simply saying the word leader creates a vision, a power and an expectation.  This is also probably why most people wrestle with this attribute at some point in their professional life.  There have been influential leaders who have used different fuel to lead, motivate and inspire.  The fuel may come from emotions like fear, hope, anger, and joy.

Let’s trade traditional words associated with leadership and cultivate a new one; Gratitude.   Take the time to reflect on the situations presented to you and look for opportunities to express gratitude. 

Say thank you in a note, in an email, in a voicemail.  Find the people around you doing the right things, meeting expectations – creating a better environment.  It is happening we just need to look for it.

My challenge to you – take a step towards Gratitude Leadership.


One comment on “Gratitude Leadership?

  1. Hello April,
    Thank you for these inspiring thoughts on leading with gratitude! How true!
    Leaders that influence others for the better are those that are not holding on tightly to their position or their power but rather have a grateful perspective and recognize the value of those around them. Gratefulness can be the difference maker when it comes to moving us forward and influencing those around us to move forward as well.
    Thanks for this reminder!
    Is your book up for sale now?

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