Do Many Lead a Few?

Leader or Doer?

If you pause today, think about doing versus leading.  Do you do a lot of things?  It is tough to do a lot of things well while leading a few well.  As you grow as a leader I would encourage you to track these types of activities.  Be honest with yourself.  Think about if you had to choose between these two work areas; doing or leading, which would you choose?

For many of you fulfillment may come from doing a lot of different things.  Being a part of many areas and activities.  For others satisfaction may be found in leading a few areas.  To do this may mean doing less but leading more in fewer areas.

I would encourage you to take inventory of your actions for a couple of days and determine the difference between the doing and the leading.  Is it time to show greater focus?   Choices are good. 

Go in gratitude!

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