Diamonds in the Sky?

This morning I set out on a brisk walk with my dog, Lucy.  It was cool and the humidity gathered above the grassy areas, reminding me of the rain from yesterday.  As I walked through the park the dampness had gathered in a pool of light fog resting on the top of the grass.  I could also hear the distant sound of a train blowing it’s horn miles away.

It was a brilliant morning and the sun was making it’s debut.  The sky was lighting up in hues of yellow, orange, peach and blue.  The colors of summer have a distinct hue.  It was fairly early and the birds were waking up and singing.   We also spotted bunnies coming out to graze on grass and weeds.  As I breathed in the morning I could feel my body wake up.  My eyes and soul smiling at all of these sites.

As Lucy and I trekked through the neighborhood, another sound started emerging, a faint hissing sound.  The melody of the morning was starting to change to include this new hissing sound.  The further I walked the closer it sounded.  This change certainly helped me to wake up completely.  The sound was different and yet familiar.  When it seemed the hissing was nearly on top of me I turned around and there in front of me was the source of the noise…..

2 hot air balloons were dancing in the sky.

They looked like Christmas tree ornaments adorning the sky.  The vibrant sunrise served as a perfect backdrop for this picture.  In that moment I sealed the view in my mind.  What a lovely way to start my day.  It was a reminder of all things that are possible.  Can you imagine how Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier felt when taking flight in the late 1700’s?  Even more interesting – what if you were standing on the ground watching this spectacle?

I am grateful for the adventurous human spirit.  The thoughts and dreams which know no boundaries or the word “can’t.”  May we all be blessed with the wonder and awe of this type of moment each day.


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