A Moment of Reflection

The rash of celebrity deaths has caused me to pause and reflect. 

Michael Jackson had such talent, personality, energy and zest.  Farrah had such beauty, grace and personality.  I look at the manner in which they both died and it prompts me to think about my own legacy. 

I wonder if both of these people would tell you they accomplished what they wanted to in life?  I think Farrah had time for closure and the time to deliver those all important good byes.  Michael did not.  It is tough to watch his old videos.  The young talent singing “ABC easy as 123…”  How could that young man chase so many ghosts later in life?  How can someone who appears to have so much live in such despair? 

The love of family and friends is paramount. 

What are you doing today? 

How does your life reflect who you are? 

Are you living in integrity? 

Are you faithful to your heart and dreams? 

These are questions we all face.  I am humbled with gratitude to live in a country where we can all answer those questions and act on them.

We are blessed.


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