More Thanks.

Today I am grateful for the gift of a warm smile

The smile that warms your heart and forces you to smile back – you just can’t help it.

Then there is the smile that you share from  your heart.  You beam with a positive energy that draws all of the goodness of life to you.


3 “Gratefuls”

In a discussion for a television program I was asked about getting started on the path to gratitude.

The best place to start might be with introspection.  Do you keep a list of things you are grateful for?  Perhaps a journal?

Why not challenge yourself to start a list of “gratefuls?”  start with the 3 things you are grateful and see where the entries take you.  This is a terrific way to start or end your day.  It doesn’t take much time and it is helpful in centering our being.

What are some things I am grateful for today?

I am grateful for my faith.  The ability to look within and nurture the essence of being.

I am grateful for the blessings of friendship.  The interactions of the human spirit are POWERFUL.  Mix this with a minimum of 3 hugs and you have a near perfect combination. 

I am grateful for the blessing of love.  My living reminder of the goodness of people.  Who do you love?


Go forth in Gratitude!

It starts with Me

I was watching Bob Woodruff on Good Morning America this morning.  He was talking about his return trip to Iraq after his life-threatening injuries during his coverage of the war.

It was a touching segment.  The level of compassion from everyone who cared for this injured reporter was astounding.  Viewing this report reminded me of the power of the human spirit. 

When I reflect on this aspect of our humanity – the feelings are nearly overwhelming.

We all carry the genes that allow us to do “good” for another.  My challenge to all of us, take time to focus on doing for others today and see what a change you can make.  Like a drop of water falling in to a puddle, a single drop creates a ripple and the energy builds.

Thanks to you!

The glow of gratitude.
I am still feeling it 48 hours later.
I had the opportunity to meet a room full of new friends 2 days ago. I was able to share the story of Gratitude at Work. We had an active dialogue and I appreciated their energy and enthusiasm for my topic.
Gratitude in it’s simplest of forms means putting others first.
If this is true then why is it so hard to do?
When we focus intently on a topic, it usually starts with self.
If you are growing in gratitude it can still start with self however you become an instrument of thanks.

I thoroughly enjoyed shifting in to this giving role at dinner amongst new friends.  While the joy of sharing my story was a gift, the greater gift emerged in listening to stories of others and being able to make a positive impact on those at dinner.

Isn’t making a difference what it’s all about?

Go in gratitude and find a way to expand the world of thanks around you.  It is good for the complexion of your soul.

Lights, Cameras & Thanks

Recently I had the opportunity to talk about my book on national TV:,0,4815451.story

I was in the WGN studios and the noon day segment is televised nationally. It was an amazing moment. Lights, camera and talk. I was enamored with the setting and the show host was a delight.
Conversation flowed and the possibility of my book was no longer a dream but a REALITY.

As I exited the set I thought about all of the coordination going on to make the telecast flow flawlessly.

I was humbled and honored. I was also impressed with the teamwork and attitude surrounding me.

It was another defining moment in my quest for gratitude. I was hopeful that my message would be well received and that someone in TV-land would have an “Ah-Ha” moment that made them sit up and say “what a great idea.”

It is the gift of sharing that makes all of this worthwhile.
It is not about fame or fortune – it is the hope that one small book with one idea may touch the lives of another person. What an awesome cause.

Fireworks of Faith

A wonderful and colorful holiday is approaching.
This is a time traditionally spent with family and loved ones. The sounds of laughter and food cooking on grill will the air. Followed by the ever famous smell of hot dogs, steaks and corn basking from the flames. The night sky will illuminate with colors, starts and streams of smoke which delight hearts of all ages.
What a blessed holiday indeed.
Summer is a time of growth and prosperity in the fields. I am talking both fields of crops and the fields where teams gather to hit a ball and run the bases.
The spirit of this country rises to a new pitch during these summer months. I pray that we will all take a moment to remember all of those who have gone before us to defend freedom. Celebrate and thank all of our veterans and the men and women currently serving in the armed forces to defend our freedoms.
Newspaper headlines, radio and television shows may remind us of all the tragedy in the world but the human spirit gravitates towards the goodness in the world.
It is all around.
I am grateful for so much and invite you to join in the Celebration of Spirit and Faith this holiday season!

May the greatest fireworks be the ones in your heart bursting forth in gratitude for all that we have.

God Bless America &
Happy Independence Day!