Lights, Cameras & Thanks

Recently I had the opportunity to talk about my book on national TV:,0,4815451.story

I was in the WGN studios and the noon day segment is televised nationally. It was an amazing moment. Lights, camera and talk. I was enamored with the setting and the show host was a delight.
Conversation flowed and the possibility of my book was no longer a dream but a REALITY.

As I exited the set I thought about all of the coordination going on to make the telecast flow flawlessly.

I was humbled and honored. I was also impressed with the teamwork and attitude surrounding me.

It was another defining moment in my quest for gratitude. I was hopeful that my message would be well received and that someone in TV-land would have an “Ah-Ha” moment that made them sit up and say “what a great idea.”

It is the gift of sharing that makes all of this worthwhile.
It is not about fame or fortune – it is the hope that one small book with one idea may touch the lives of another person. What an awesome cause.


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