Thanks to you!

The glow of gratitude.
I am still feeling it 48 hours later.
I had the opportunity to meet a room full of new friends 2 days ago. I was able to share the story of Gratitude at Work. We had an active dialogue and I appreciated their energy and enthusiasm for my topic.
Gratitude in it’s simplest of forms means putting others first.
If this is true then why is it so hard to do?
When we focus intently on a topic, it usually starts with self.
If you are growing in gratitude it can still start with self however you become an instrument of thanks.

I thoroughly enjoyed shifting in to this giving role at dinner amongst new friends.  While the joy of sharing my story was a gift, the greater gift emerged in listening to stories of others and being able to make a positive impact on those at dinner.

Isn’t making a difference what it’s all about?

Go in gratitude and find a way to expand the world of thanks around you.  It is good for the complexion of your soul.


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