Paws of Gratitude

How many of you have a pet?

Have you ever thought about all of the joy your pet brings you?  I currently have a cockapoo named Lucy.  I got her from the local pound upon the departure of my first child for college.  I think I needed something else to turn my attention to?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  She has grown in to an important and loving member of our family.

Well this little bundle of fur has been a blessing and has presented me with daily lessons on life. 

She has taught me that it’s okay to start your day with your tail wagging.

Lucy greets me at the end of the day with a stretch and a smile.  Her tail wags so hard when I walk in the door that her entire rear end sways from side to side.  Now how can a human possibly compete with that?

She greets me with a wet nose and a dog lick when I need it most.  When I am sad or crying she sits patiently and waits for me to finish.  When it appears I am done she approaches me cautiously and nuzzles by my side.

My dog is playful and the word “walk” sends her sprinting for the door.  Lucy is the socialite.  While she will greet other dogs, she really wants to meet the birds and the rabbits we see along our path. 

Lucy seems to be content with the simple things in life.  A little play time, 2 solid meals, naps in the sun and an occasional pat with praise.

Ahhh…..the things we learn from our pets.


Touching Moments

Have you ever had an experience that warmed you up on the inside and created “a glow?” 

I had one yesterday and the effects continue. 

I launched my book; Gratitude At Work yesterday.  It is official.  Happy Birthday to my book!  I had invited family and friends to the event.  I hosted the event at a local winery and I must say it exceeded my wildest dreams.  I had friends walk in that I hadn’t seen for years and it touched my heart.

I think I teared up a couple of times.  The idea that people would take time out of their schedules to share in my moment was overwhelming.  I was humbled.

The launch of this book is a big step for me but even more important, it is a big step for the idea and foundation of gratitude.  The art of building relationships and making the effort to recognize accomplishment through gratitude.  This is only the beginning….I am anxious to see where this journey takes us!


Stay tuned and thank you to all of you who came the birthday party for my book:


Gratitude At Work.


If you want to learn more:

Inside Out Health

Health care.
Just reading the word stirs emotions.
It has become one of the hottest topics in our society. It seems like no matter which side of the issue you reside on, you are passionate about your viewpoint.
In the last couple of years I have started taking my preventative health measures much more seriously. I have had many tests run to help me determine the best course of action. I have been astounded with the results and the level of data available to me.
I have a dear friend who works for 23andme. They can administer a saliva test and tell you what you are more prone to get.
Ahh – the wonder of science.
At the end of the day I think we all want to make sure we have what it takes to take care of our citizens. I trust the US population to care for themselves and make sound judgements. We are all blessed with the gift of choice and these indeed dictate much of our health.
We have the most blessed health system in the world with talented and gifted people who want to make life better for everyone else.
We have schools where students still experiment to save lives and professors who stoke their imagination to keep them motivated.
I feel blessed to live in this country and have the care that I do. Taking care of myself and those around me is the least I can do.


Mini Road Trip

This past weekend I logged 500+ miles with my teenage daughter over 27 hours. The mileage is not impressive however what we accomplished was nearly impossible. Keep in mind…teenager and mom here.

We visited 3 college campuses. We shopped at a mega mall in Kansas City. There were tons of people – not sure if they have heard about the recession? The most important aspect of the trip was the conversation. Have you ever been in a confined place for an extended period of time with a teenager.
It is fascinating.
If you can get past the potential for shock and horror you can learn a lot.

I have been reminded of the stress facing our young people.  My student is aware of the financial implications of school and is concerned about finding a worthwhile career. 

This is an exciting time but also one of uncertainty. 

We met some wonderful people who offered many opinions about their towns, their campuses and all of the opportunities. 

I am grateful for the fantastic conversation along the way.  The reminders of the blessings of youth and the fascination with what is possible.  It has a tremendous renewing impact on my spirit and I am certain it will bless my week, my month and the end of summer.

If you need a lift – perhaps you should hit the road?