Mini Road Trip

This past weekend I logged 500+ miles with my teenage daughter over 27 hours. The mileage is not impressive however what we accomplished was nearly impossible. Keep in mind…teenager and mom here.

We visited 3 college campuses. We shopped at a mega mall in Kansas City. There were tons of people – not sure if they have heard about the recession? The most important aspect of the trip was the conversation. Have you ever been in a confined place for an extended period of time with a teenager.
It is fascinating.
If you can get past the potential for shock and horror you can learn a lot.

I have been reminded of the stress facing our young people.  My student is aware of the financial implications of school and is concerned about finding a worthwhile career. 

This is an exciting time but also one of uncertainty. 

We met some wonderful people who offered many opinions about their towns, their campuses and all of the opportunities. 

I am grateful for the fantastic conversation along the way.  The reminders of the blessings of youth and the fascination with what is possible.  It has a tremendous renewing impact on my spirit and I am certain it will bless my week, my month and the end of summer.

If you need a lift – perhaps you should hit the road?


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