Inside Out Health

Health care.
Just reading the word stirs emotions.
It has become one of the hottest topics in our society. It seems like no matter which side of the issue you reside on, you are passionate about your viewpoint.
In the last couple of years I have started taking my preventative health measures much more seriously. I have had many tests run to help me determine the best course of action. I have been astounded with the results and the level of data available to me.
I have a dear friend who works for 23andme. They can administer a saliva test and tell you what you are more prone to get.
Ahh – the wonder of science.
At the end of the day I think we all want to make sure we have what it takes to take care of our citizens. I trust the US population to care for themselves and make sound judgements. We are all blessed with the gift of choice and these indeed dictate much of our health.
We have the most blessed health system in the world with talented and gifted people who want to make life better for everyone else.
We have schools where students still experiment to save lives and professors who stoke their imagination to keep them motivated.
I feel blessed to live in this country and have the care that I do. Taking care of myself and those around me is the least I can do.



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