Touching Moments

Have you ever had an experience that warmed you up on the inside and created “a glow?” 

I had one yesterday and the effects continue. 

I launched my book; Gratitude At Work yesterday.  It is official.  Happy Birthday to my book!  I had invited family and friends to the event.  I hosted the event at a local winery and I must say it exceeded my wildest dreams.  I had friends walk in that I hadn’t seen for years and it touched my heart.

I think I teared up a couple of times.  The idea that people would take time out of their schedules to share in my moment was overwhelming.  I was humbled.

The launch of this book is a big step for me but even more important, it is a big step for the idea and foundation of gratitude.  The art of building relationships and making the effort to recognize accomplishment through gratitude.  This is only the beginning….I am anxious to see where this journey takes us!


Stay tuned and thank you to all of you who came the birthday party for my book:


Gratitude At Work.


If you want to learn more:


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