Paws of Gratitude

How many of you have a pet?

Have you ever thought about all of the joy your pet brings you?  I currently have a cockapoo named Lucy.  I got her from the local pound upon the departure of my first child for college.  I think I needed something else to turn my attention to?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  She has grown in to an important and loving member of our family.

Well this little bundle of fur has been a blessing and has presented me with daily lessons on life. 

She has taught me that it’s okay to start your day with your tail wagging.

Lucy greets me at the end of the day with a stretch and a smile.  Her tail wags so hard when I walk in the door that her entire rear end sways from side to side.  Now how can a human possibly compete with that?

She greets me with a wet nose and a dog lick when I need it most.  When I am sad or crying she sits patiently and waits for me to finish.  When it appears I am done she approaches me cautiously and nuzzles by my side.

My dog is playful and the word “walk” sends her sprinting for the door.  Lucy is the socialite.  While she will greet other dogs, she really wants to meet the birds and the rabbits we see along our path. 

Lucy seems to be content with the simple things in life.  A little play time, 2 solid meals, naps in the sun and an occasional pat with praise.

Ahhh…..the things we learn from our pets.

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