The simple work homecoming brings all sorts of memories to mind for most.

This year, we created a few more. My daughter is a senior in high school so this year is her last high school homecoming.

The hair, the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, are you starting to feel the stress? It is a lot of planning and fuss to ensure you have the right look for this annual event. It is only second to Prom and possibly your wedding day.

As a mom it brings many challenges. I can honestly say it can be anything from the warmest of blessings and pride to one of exhaustion and frustration.

I am pleased to report that this year was the epitome of fun and excitement. Rarely do you get to see young people dressed up having fun. Last night was that night. The girls looked beautiful and they were so kind to one another. The laughter went on and on. They giggled and truly enjoyed the company of each other.

The parents were beaming as we quickly snapped pictures. The evening was magical. As the girls were warming up for the dance the football team decided to keep things exciting. We won in double overtime.

It was a good, no make that a GREAT night.

I am so grateful for the blessings of parenthood and the energy of young people. We have such a small window of influence in their lives and it’s SO important.


Walking in Gratitude

I am sitting at my kitchen table compiling cards for birthdays, anniversaries and other events for the month.  The feeling that I hold in my heart as I recall events and memories of the person I am acknowledging warm my heart.

Do you know this feeling?  Do you remember the last time you were shopping for another person?  Do you remember the care and attention you paid to their specific needs? 

How did you feel?  

Did your internal light shine brighter?

When I encounter this type of experience, it is usually followed by frustration.  What a conflict of feelings in a relatively short amount of time.  Why?

Why do I experience these feelings – usually in this order?

The answer is simple.  I long to hold on to that feeling.  How do you feel when you put others first?  Write a card, a note or cook a meal and see how you feel inside.  My soul illuminates with love.  It changes everything inside of me.

Again, my challenge is how to hold on to this feeling.  Can I provide myself with a daily challenge?  Is my mind and heart open to such a challenge?  If we all took on this great challenge, can you imagine the change we could experience throughout the world? 

The idea of walking in gratitude is magnificent.  Will you join me?

How will this manifest in your life?

September 11

Do you remember where you were when you heard the news?

September 11, 2001.  3,017 people were killed.

This date is forever etched in our memories…September 11.  One of the darkest days in US history.  In one morning our country became vulnerable, angry and hurt beyond our worst nightmares.  Families were devastated. 

The sting of the events of that morning are still with us.  The missing towers in the New York skyline have left a gaping hole not only in the skyline but in our hearts.  The term ground zero has been reserved for the memories of this tragic event.  Let us not forget the continued saga played out at the Pentagon and the bravery which led to the crash in Shanksville, PA.

Another story emerged on this day.  It was a story of bravery and patriotism.  Americans rallied to help each other.  We held vigils together, prayed together and vowed to fight the enemy of hatred. 

As we remember the events of this anniversary may we all carry a deep gratitude for the bravery of the human spirit which evolved on this day, September 11, 2001.  Strangers rushed in to harms way to save others.  People lost their lives to protect our country, our freedoms and our way of life.

We are obligated to carry on their legacy. 

God Bless America.

Gratitude Takes Flight

When was the last time you were on an airplane? 

If you travel frequently do you remember the last time you had a flight crew that was friendly, helpful or just plain nice?  It is definitely the exception these days.  After you check in, pay to have your luggage thrown on the plane, disrobe to make it through security, the last thing you want to encounter is crabby people.

Unfortunately it seems to be quite the standard in travel today.

As I read article after article about customer service and loyalty, I would strongly encourage the airlines to re-read these chapters.  In today’s tough climate there is nothing more powerful than an encounter with a grateful heart.  Be grateful for our business and for the opportunity to serve others.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? 

There is some food for thought after making 3 gate changes for one flight only to take a major delay.  I am still grateful for the moment and the opportunity to fly!

See you at the next gate.