Walking in Gratitude

I am sitting at my kitchen table compiling cards for birthdays, anniversaries and other events for the month.  The feeling that I hold in my heart as I recall events and memories of the person I am acknowledging warm my heart.

Do you know this feeling?  Do you remember the last time you were shopping for another person?  Do you remember the care and attention you paid to their specific needs? 

How did you feel?  

Did your internal light shine brighter?

When I encounter this type of experience, it is usually followed by frustration.  What a conflict of feelings in a relatively short amount of time.  Why?

Why do I experience these feelings – usually in this order?

The answer is simple.  I long to hold on to that feeling.  How do you feel when you put others first?  Write a card, a note or cook a meal and see how you feel inside.  My soul illuminates with love.  It changes everything inside of me.

Again, my challenge is how to hold on to this feeling.  Can I provide myself with a daily challenge?  Is my mind and heart open to such a challenge?  If we all took on this great challenge, can you imagine the change we could experience throughout the world? 

The idea of walking in gratitude is magnificent.  Will you join me?

How will this manifest in your life?

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