Morning Moment

Has anyone else had an interesting transition to our time change?

I love the extra sleep however where I could have been getting up an hour early – I have decided to sleep more.  That was until today.  I got up put on a bunch of clothes and took my dog for a walk at 5:30am.

Boy is it dark in the morning.  It was a crisp, brisk and interesting adventure.  As we walked I realized how much I had missed the sights and sounds of the morning.  The sounds of rustling leaves, cars humming and people starting their day.  We even spotted a rabbit this morning. 

The stars were twinkling in the sky and it was a brilliant curtain of diamonds.  The moon is also bright this time of year.  It is filled with a different hue of “cheese color.”

I was grateful I got up instead of sleeping for the additional hour.  Just imagine what I would have missed.  I have also missed these serene moments of time.  I would encourage you to join me one morning.  It’s a magnificent start.

Now it’s time for some green tea (instead of coffee?).


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