Personal Brand Salute

I had the awesome opportunity to speak to the AFCEA Alamo Chapter about the value of networking and cultivating your own brand.  In the audience there were civilians as well as enlisted personnel. 

I was humbled at the thought of being able to help our American hero’s in their next adventure.  I hoped their next chapters would be much safer and fulfilling.  Everyone has valuable skill sets and aspirations.

The audience was enthusiastic and engaged.  We had such a good time together that we ran way over our allotted time and the questions just kept flowing. 

At the very end of the presentation came the biggest surprise of all.  My host stood up to thank me for presenting and he told the audience that in the military it is customary when someone goes above and beyond the call of duty to present the individual with a coin.  He then reached in to his pocket and presented me with my own unique coin. 

I was rendered speechless and I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes as he handed me the coin.  In that one moment I felt the value of the coin was greater than any other form of money on the planet.  I was honored and humbled by the gesture. 

I share this story with you to highlight the value of life experiences and the relationships along the way.  Here I was among men and women who had risked their lives for our country and they were thanking me for a discussion geared towards building a new future, a unique and personal brand. 

I held the coin tightly and guarded it as I returned home.

I proudly share my coin with everyone I see and am looking for a unique way to display it.  It is a great motivator for me to continue sharing the story of networking and cultivating your dream occupation.  It is possible and the tools to do so are improving daily.  I am honored to share this message with others.

God bless our country and protect all of our enlisted men and women.  Thank you for being defenders of freedom.


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