Beyond the Gobble?

Has your kitchen recovered from the Thanksgiving festivities?

I had a wonderful season of thanks and am challenging everyone I know to keep the spirit going all year-long.  I was honored to speak on the topic of gratitude during a community service on Thanksgiving Eve.  I was humbled with the opportunity and the setting.  I have always considered it an awesome job to share a vision with others.  When you are in a place of influence it is an awesome responsibility.  It reminds me of parenting.  There is no greater influence – than the parent – child influence.  This holds true even in religion and the relationship between God and Jesus.  Isn’t this the cornerstone of the bible?

When we think about gratitude and the impact available to us, gratitude can be the most powerful tool in your leadership toolbox.  Gratitude can turn around the most dire of situations and attitudes.  It can take doubt and turn it in to optimism, it can take a downtrodden heart and reveal sunlight and hope.  

Gratitude is more than an annual ritual performed before diving into the Thanksgiving meal. It’s more than a holiday decorations, more than a clever saying that rhymes with “attitude.” Of all the human emotions, gratitude is the most powerful. So powerful is gratitude, it can obliterate fear, hopelessness and doubt. Gratitude can heal a broken heart, slow the aging process and restore broken relationships. Gratitude creates hope and hope brings joy. It is in joy, not fear, that we find strength.

If I could bottle this and put it on a shelf, can you imagine the elixir I would create?  It would make a fortune.

I am grateful for the time, energy and ability to share my passion for gratitude. 

Lastly, I am grateful for my family.  My parents came to my home for turkey and it was so much fun to have them in the house.  They were a huge help and I realized just how very much I have missed them.  I felt a great circle of love between my parents, my husband and children.  I can’t leave out my puppy too.  I am hopeful that we will all march in to each day and be a blessing to everyone we meet.

Go in Gratitude!


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