Mr. Winter

As I type this entry I can hear the howl of the wind as it blows more than a foot of snow around outside.  To say it is a blizzard seems to be an understatement.  Mr. Winter has made his entrance with a <pow>.  I guess he wanted to make sure we didn’t forget how very white, wet and relentless winter can be.

In the midst of this storm I am humbled with the gift of heat and warmth.  I am grateful for all of the blankets I will dive under and sleep between this evening.  I am also grateful for the flames that flicker and dance in my fireplace.  They are mesmerizing as I listen to the sound of the swirling wind outside.  The action of the flames and the sounds of the wind develop in to a complete show which astonishes the senses.

During the day the sounds of children frolicking in the snow reminded me of the magic of this season; winter.  The joy of building a snowman, sledding and exploring all of the possibilities with the white stuff – it’s all reflected in the snow.  This white blanket is fresh an clean. 

It gives the horizon a whole new complexion. 

For now I will enjoy watching the change on the horizon safely tucked in flannel and slippers with a cup of hot cocoa. 

Perhaps I will venture out when the wind stops…pass me a marshmallow?

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