Anatomy of a Winner

Does anyone ever remember who came in second? 

Who lost the last Super Bowl?  Who won the silver medal?  Do we pay attention to these competitors?  Perhaps reading this frustrates you?  The focus of our attention is usually on the winner.  The entity that completes their mission of victory.

Recently, I watched a team of over 80 students come in second.  You read that right, 80 students, one team.  Actually in this case they are all part of the cast of the One Act Play “Anatomy of Gray.”  This was performed by Gretna High School with a cast and crew of over 80 students.  Gretna High School has a tradition spanning the last 15 years for either being in the top running for One Act Competitions.  This year’s production was especially good and the setting was midwest Indiana in the 1800’s.  The play deals with death, sickness and ultimately hope.

Beyond the storyline of the play, imagine how challenging it was to get 80+ high school students to collaborate to pull together an amazing production such as this.  In a word= AMAZING.  However coming in second at the State Competition still stings.  Many of the parents, friends and fans made the 2 hour trek to watch the State performance.  The awards were announced 2 hours after the final performance and the Gretna crowd sat in shock.  This was their finest performance and to come in second just wasn’t satisfying.

So, this is where the gratitude lesson begins.  Reframing and changing the focus of the situation is necessary to FULLY CELEBRATE the reality of the situation.  I began to touch on this earlier in this blog.  What can we celebrate?  In a day and age when the press is quick to publish headlines about the latest teenage shooting, robbery or drunk driving incident, we have a group of over 80 students woven together to create a magical moment.  What an accomplishment.  These students were focused and dedicated to something much bigger than themselves.  Collectively they created a believable and amazing story.  They took us on an adventure and reminded us of the power of the human spirit.

We can ALL be grateful for this experience.

This production is a WINNER.  It is a Champion of Spirit, Hope, Teamwork and more.

It is with Gratitude that we close out the 2009 One Act Season.

Thank you Gretna High School One Act.  There is a silver lining to all things GRAY.


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