The Eve Of New Year

As we close out 2009 we all go through a time of reflection. What kind of year did I have?

In 2009:

I got married
I published my first book
I watched my children blossom in new directions
I mourned the loss of loved ones
I preached my first sermon
I was reminded of the precious qualities of family
It was a tremendous year!

I don’t look back for too long though. Time has taught me that this can be hazardous to my heath. It reminds me of trying to drive a car while looking in the rearview mirror. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do this for a long time. You never know where it might land you.

In looking forward, I have more aspirations;

I want to start taking piano lessons
Publish book #2
Encourage my children to focus on all of the goodness they have to offer – grow baby grow!
Be a wonderful wife, friend and partner

Spend more time doing nothing

Contribute to a greater good
Continued growth and passion in my Faith

It is going to be a Wonderous year.

Tomorrow I will also start another great adventure for 2010 and you can track the progress! 

Wishing you a safe New Years Eve.  The spirit of celebration comes from the heart!

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