Wanna Talk?

Good day in gratitude!
As I begin my 3rd day of gratitude acts I have noticed a shift in creativity. It is a welcome outlet and one that will surely take me on an interesting journey.
I had 2 actions that were based in gratitude. The first included painting and the second was a nice conversation with the clerk at the grocery store.
Have you ever been in a place and just sensed that people wanted to talk to you? Well that happened to me yesterday as I checked out at the grocery store. This lovely young girl was eager to chat. I decided to stop and take the time to visit with her. We had a nice discussion. She wanted to talk about her holiday activities. The conversation warmed my heart and I was happy to listen. Have you ever thought about how much or how little we listen? When someone is talking to you are you really tuned in?

Be Present. It is the best gift you can give someone.  As this clerk shared her story with me I could see the joy rise in her and I was honored to listen.  The gift of youth is excitement and energy.  What a blessing.
Regarding my painting. It is a nice outlet for creativity and there is nothing you paint that can’t be fixed. Well so far…I will keep you posted.
I hope the recipient of this painting will feel the joy that I placed in it.

Both of these activities brought joy to my heart and opened my soul to possibilities. It was a great way to start the New Year. I wait with anticipation to see what each day will bring.

Have you done something in gratitude?
One small step – a world of possibilities.


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