2010 in White

Winter wonderland

I live in the midwest and we are getting hit with a lot of snow this year….and I mean A LOT! While many of us are growing tired of the white stuff and the bitter cold that has accompanied it, there are many silver linings.
First, it brings out my neighbors and we are all out and about shoveling snow and laughing about our technique or lack thereof. It is a new venue for communication and I welcome the change.

Second – I am grateful for my shovel. It does a great job with the proper motivation behind it. To give you an idea for amounts – I have had to shovel tunnels in the backyard for my dog – I have had to clear these trails 4X due to MORE snow. I know what you are thinking – she must really love her dog.
You would be correct. A 30 pound cockapoo is not match for the winter landscape.
Lastly, the splendor of snow is a living reminder of the glory of the seasons in this part of the country. We know at some point this snow will melt, nourish the ground and new, colorful blooms will burst supported by a fresh carpet of grass.
It feels like that may be a long time from now but it will eventually find us.
For all of you roughing it with me in this blizzard – blessings to you and be careful out there.


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