The Blessed Weekend

When was the last time a family member came for a visit and when they left – you’re heart was full?  I mean really full.

I had the honor and blessing of this exact experience this past weekend.  I had a family member visit for 48 hours.  It was one of the only times I remember resenting sleep.  The visit was so fulfilling and wonderful.  I didn’t want to miss a single minute.

We told stories, laughed, looked at old photos and really enjoyed each other.   The trip down memory lane proved to be an amazing and entertaining journey.   I was also astonished by some of our similarities.  It is amazing how people can grow up in separate places and circumstances and yet have similar mannerisms and viewpoints.  There was something familiar and heart-warming about this.

I am SO grateful for our time together and the memories will nourish my soul for many days to come.  It is times like these when the reflection of love out shines all other aspects of life.  I hope I can share this illumination with others.

Kimberly thank you for sharing the weekend with us!


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