Working In Gratitude!

This past week I have had the honor of meeting some new people.  I travelled and that usually presents new opportunities and new acquaintances.  This trip was no exception.  What was different was that I was able to learn a lot of new stuff about areas outside of my usual work.  I found this invigorating.  It allowed me to look for new ways to contribute to situations.  I have been in my work role for a while and it is a challenge to stay on the cutting edge of things, continually innovate and rise to the next level.  My experiences of the last week help me to look at this area.  This was a blessing on so many fronts.  I am feeling renewed, inspired and ready to change the world…at least my small piece of it. 

I also cultivated gratitude for the opportunity that my work affords me.  I cannot think of another company that would bring so much life and energy to my role.  I am indeed blessed on many levels.  I know that my travels will lead me to a new place – not just in terms of geography.  I am thankful for my renewed sense of determination and I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.  I hope the world is ready.

My challenge to you would be; what opportunities are you ignoring?  Are there things you could be doing better?  What may appear obvious may change if you look at it with a different focus.  Think outside of yourself.  Who else are you impacting?  What matters to them?  These answers may surprise you and I am hopeful they might also change your course.


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