A Ray of Sunshine

This week has been a very interesting week.  The snow is falling again and the gray skies seem commonplace.  I realized how much I enjoy the sunshine.  The warm rays caressing my face means a smile will follow.  Sunshine makes a big difference in my day.  I have noticed that it also makes a difference in everyone around me.  We all seem grumpier when it’s gray.  Our challenge is to find the sunshine in other things.

I found a different sunshine while helping others this week.  I made a quick decision to help someone get better (healthier) and it opened my eyes and my mind to how much need is right in front of me.  Actually it is in front of all of us if we just look.  However if you look you will be required to take action.  Even to ignore the need is taking action so the alternative of not looking becomes very attractive. 

I have SUNSHINE for you…..take a look at what and who is in front of you.  What do they need?  Can you provide part or all of what they are looking for?  Trust the abundance that life holds and give a little.  That’s where the sunshine takes over.  You will be beaming from all corners of your soul and the best part…..it’s contagious.  Can you start a little wave of sunshine?


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