Please Read – I have an IDEA 4 YOU

Happy Hearts Day is just around the corner and I have an inexpensive, easy and fun idea for you.
How about going to the store and buying a box (or more) of the child Valentines. You can sign these “from someone who cares” OR “thinking of you.”

In the “TO:” field you can just add the word YOU.
There are many options for the TO and FROM fields – be creative. Place the Valentine in the envelope and on the the front of the envelope you can address it with something like:
To Someone Special
You Are Loved
Thoughts Of You……again be creative and use something generic.

Once you have completed the Valentines how about taking them to a nearby retirement community? Or you can drop them off at a Nursing Home. The residents will LOVE them. This is a fast and efficient way to bring much JOY to the lives of some of our most blessed souls. If you really want to get in to the spirit you can also make valentines. Pull out the paper, glue, rhinestones, glitter and have fun!

What a fabulous way to extend thanks, encourage a heart and give yourself the warmth of giving.  Perhaps this will become a Valentines tradition?
If you decide to do this, I would love to hear from you. Now get busy cupid.


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