Unlocking Gratitude and More!

I have a special announcement to share with you.

As many of you know, I have done more and more speaking engagements related  to the topic of  my book Gratitude At Work.   I have collaborated  with Tom Becka and Jeff Beals to combine the synergies of some of the best talent in Omaha on relevant and meaningful messages. Tom is always working hard on KFAB and Jeff too with the Grow Omaha segment, but we are all very involved in bringing our messages to companies.   Long story short, but we thought it would be great if we could all do a seminar together.  Our various books really fit together well in that the help everyone increase how they manage their career, job and life!

We are hosting our inaugural event and you are part of our pre-launch friends and family group.  Our event: UNLOCKED!:  A 4-hour Career Jumpstart will be held  the morning of March 10th at the new Midtown Crossing Marcus Theater.  The focus of the 4 hours provides fresh and proven perspectives in the areas of  sales, social media, marketing and more. 

As part of our pre-launch campaign you are invited to reserve your seat for this dynamic event.  There are only 100 seats available and the cost is $199 for the session which also includes a copy of our books and the 4 hour power session.

The website and event formally launch  this week.  Our launch includes major advertising and promotion.  Reserve your seat(s) early.

For further information, check out www.unlockedomaha.com .  If you have any questions, please let me know, I hope to see you there!


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