Gratitude Moment

Gratitude at Work: The more you assist others or “pay it forward”, the more you help yourself. The more you lift up, celebrate and acknowledge the success of those around you, the more you will be celebrated.
Be grateful for what you have as well as what others share with you. Notice how you are showered with more abundance. Whatever it is that is holding you back from success, help someone else obtain or achieve that very same thing whether it is money, customers, experience, motivation, or a multitude of other resources.

It will return to you in ways beyond your imagination.

Thank you.


So Blessed

Is it a coincidence that my father and my husband have the same birth date, although decades apart?  Is it any coincidence that the most important men in my life were all born within the same month and week?   The other man in my life is my son.  He turned 21 last week.  I am pleased to tell you he survived the official launch in to adulthood and is now celebrating on the slopes of Colorado this week.

I have watched all of these men grow and change.  They represent much laughter and joy in my life.  We  have shared tears, disappointments and success.  We have also shared many blessed moments.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.  Above all else they ALL contribute to this larger feeling within my life.  The feeling of being blessed.

All three of them are amazing men with strong spirits.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  As they all welcome another year I wish for them peace, joy and Love!  I also thank them for blessing me.

Happy Birthday Dad, Joseph and Collin!

Big Sky Gratitude

I spoke to a group in Big Sky country this week. It was a unique event. The warmth and energy of the crowd was contagious.  I also got to witness a professional group rallying to the support of a fellow member who had suffered a tragic loss.  It warmed my heart to see so much caring and compassion in one group.  They shared laughs, smiles, tears and prayers for their fellow member.  I could hear them coordinating activities to help sustain their member in his time of need.

This is truly what the human spirit it all about.

When we are presented with the opportunity to help another, do we take it?  Better yet, do we look for ways to support each other? 

I was also part of festivities prior to a large fundraising extravaganza surrounding ART!  I was able to tour the beautiful and inspiring pieces being auctioned.  Can you imagine collaborating with 100’s of artists and 100’s of people to help others?  The trick to this event is to ensure you are channeling all of the positive and free-flowing energy in to a positive outcome.  It would be a daunting challenge however a most rewarding one if executed properly.

This one was sure to be a tremendous success. 

As I previewed the artwork on display I was dazzled and amazed with the level of detail, the use of color and the vibrant life of every piece.  I was grateful to share in the moment, the event, the community.

I am anxiously awaiting the start of the event and will follow the progress as 1000’s of others people around the globe.  If you want to check out the event:

Road Time and Prom Dresses

Recently, I took a road trip with my teenage daughter. The destination was my alma mater – the University of Wyoming. I did not complete my degree at UW but it was the first step of my post-high school chapter. I also played volleyball at the school. I hadn’t been to the school in nearly 20 years.

We were both eager to visit for different reasons. We logged over 1100 miles in 72 hours to spend about 8 hours on campus. It was indeed a trip.

A road trip with a teenager prompts all sorts of interesting conversations and emotions.

We laughed, we squirmed and we sang. We also argued. It wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t.

Have you ever noticed when you are on a road trip as you get closer to your destination you become more agitated and impatient?

This is where is can get real interesting.

I decided on our return drive home, it would make sense to stop on the way home to look for a prom dress. The illusive prom dress. If you have not had the privilege of partaking in this search…you have no idea what you are missing. Can you hear my sarcasm?

Back to the trip. We have been cooped up together for 3 straight days, felt a wide array of emotions and now we are looking for the perfect dress. I had to pause during this search and laugh inside. I didn’t dare laugh out loud.

I realized that this would indeed be part of the fabric of stories for our future. I was grateful for our time together and am so hopeful for my children. I hope I have instilled the courage in them to pursue their passion. I know this is how they will make their greatest contribution.

It is with a full heart that I have written this piece. We did not find the dress. We survived our trip. I wouldn’t change a thing. Wyoming is one of the schools in the running right now. The future is SO bright.