So Blessed

Is it a coincidence that my father and my husband have the same birth date, although decades apart?  Is it any coincidence that the most important men in my life were all born within the same month and week?   The other man in my life is my son.  He turned 21 last week.  I am pleased to tell you he survived the official launch in to adulthood and is now celebrating on the slopes of Colorado this week.

I have watched all of these men grow and change.  They represent much laughter and joy in my life.  We  have shared tears, disappointments and success.  We have also shared many blessed moments.  They make me smile.  They make me laugh.  Above all else they ALL contribute to this larger feeling within my life.  The feeling of being blessed.

All three of them are amazing men with strong spirits.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  As they all welcome another year I wish for them peace, joy and Love!  I also thank them for blessing me.

Happy Birthday Dad, Joseph and Collin!


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