Have you heard the saying that the best art comes in a frame? 

Your mind may go to the thoughts of a wall-hanging however this quote was made in the context of the frame of a window or the frame of your thoughts. 

This morning I saw a most beautiful piece of art.  It was a fiery orange burst of color against the backdrop of a lavender/blue sky.  The colors meshed similar to a kaleidoscope changing before my eyes.  In this sunrise I wished I had the picture in a frame on my wall.  The view was breathtaking. 

I stood and watched the evolution of color.  In the background a chorus of birds sang to me while a soft hush whispered through the trees.  The scent of grass tickled my nose. 

It was a magnificent moment.

A wave of gratitude washed through every cell of my being. 

What a marvelous morning. 

This is a perfect way to view a new day. 

I now have a piece of priceless art safely tucked in to my mind.  I hope you will take a moment to find a magnificent piece of art during your day.  It might be found in the giggle of a child or the greeting of a loyal pet.  The moments surround us. 

I am grateful for the Art in my Days…..what is in your frame?


One comment on “Framework

  1. Artswebshow says:

    It great when we find a piece of art that does that to us.
    A special moment

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