Message from a New Source


A couple of weekends ago, I was out-of-town with my husband and he made the suggestion that we attend church in our new location.  I was delighted.  We went to church and found the setting and the message to be very welcome.

The service was in an older church where the floor sloped down towards the altar almost giving you the feeling of being in a theater.  The walls were filled with colorful, old stained glass windows.  It was a simple yet wonderful sanctuary.  The message in the sermon stressed how easy it would be for all of us to get along if only everyone were like me.   (a little sarcasm here)  It highlighted how we are all unique and we offer each other the opportunity for learning and acceptance. 

I wasn’t sure why this was the message that I needed to hear but I listened nonetheless and planted the seeds in my memory bank. 

Later the same day we had an unexpected visit from friends.  It was a first meeting for me and one of the friends.  We had heard a lot about each other but had never met in person.

We had a cordial and warm visit however our personalities were vastly different.  When our friends left I felt relieved but strange.  It took a while for my husband and I to digest our visit and then the epiphany came. 
The message from the sermon earlier that morning rang loud and clear for both of us.

Where we would normally stew over the fallout of the interaction, we decided to learn from our differences and think about how to be better friends in the future.  It ended up being a wonderful lesson stemming from our unplanned visit to a new church.

I am grateful for the message.  What a helpful reminder that we all possess lessons that we can share with each other.

Different is good and opens up windows for all of us to look outside ourselves to see a new world.


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