Tell Me a Story

During the past few days I have been going much introspection. Which direction are my kids heading? Where is my career heading? How do I feel about my volunteer work? Can I make some changes? You Bet!

When I think about all of the contributions available to us….wow! We all have the same 24 hours in the day and how we choose them makes the difference between feeling fulfilled and seeking.
Most people have a balance of these two attributes. When we get out of balance we get agitated and we become short.

We we are acting in complete selflessness it is amazing how much we can do. Getting to the point of selflessness can be a great challenge. It means we must put ourselves out of our minds….

So how do we do this? We shift our focus on someone or something else. Really look under the hood and cultivate a sincere interest in this other “something.” This becomes the seed from which great giving and compassion can take root.

Want to try it out? Try having a conversation with the next child or eldlerly person you come in to contact with…they have stories. THey want to share.

Enjoy the moment and let me know how it goes….I love a good story.


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