Moral Fiber?

Did the title of this post catch your attention.

When you think about the term moral fiber you may immediately think of religion or something spiritual.

I would agree that moral fiber is spiritual.  I believe it is part of our internal wiring.  How we are made.  As I think about gratitude and the many things I am grateful for I realized many of these values are woven in to my moral fiber.  If I lose sight of the things I am grateful for my disposition changes.  It is not a good feeling.

Realizing that gratitude serves as my compass for thoughts and actions has been powerful.  Gratitude has grown far beyond a card with sentiments written on it.  If you were to use the same tool for your compass where would it lead you?

I am grateful for the laughter of children – this leads to a happy heart.

I am grateful for the love of my husband, my children, my family – this leads to contentment.

I am grateful for the dawn of a new day complete with heavy raindrops, mist and fog – this leads to new birth and renewal.

Where can gratitude lead you?