Grateful for Faith

Thankful for safe travels and the color green?
Current headlines tell us about much human suffering around the globe. From the natural disasters in Japan followed by the subsequent nuclear crisis to the violence in Libya…suffering seems to 9/10 of our news today. This is a very sad reality. Where does this leave basic humanity? More specifically – me?
Have you had those thoughts?
If you have, I also hope that somewhere in your thought process the idea of “gratitude for faith” came to mind. In times and trials there is nothing stronger than faith.
I was travelling this week on the west coast and a man asked me if I were going to buy Iodine due to the radiation? When I shared this story with a wise man he said my response should have been “no, but I think I will go buy a new Bible.”


This is exactly the right direction. If we are at peace with our faith it will sustain us through the turmoil headlines. There is still much, MUCH goodness in this life and I intend to remain a beacon of light and love.

I am grateful for my faith.


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