‘Tis the Season…….

It is Holy Week. This week is filled with emotion and gratitude.
I have spent much of the week thinking about sacrifice and dedication. What have these words evolved to mean in society today? Are we willing to make sacrifices to attain our goals? Are we willing to make sacrifices to help others? Are there things you have gone without? What have the people around you sacrificed to help you? Time, resources or perhaps their own needs and dreams?
Can you take my idea a step further? Are there things that you can do to help others? Can you help others attain their dream? How would this feel? Can you provide a meal for a hungry soul? There are opportunities all around us if we simply take a moment to look.
It is humbling to think about what others have done for us. I would encourage you to take some time and think about this topic. I hope it will stir a new level of gratitude within you and perhaps action to help others.

Happy Easter


Spring Cleaning=Ideas

Spring Fever is back. The season is starting to change and with it comes more energy and a sense of renewal all around. I love seeing the flowers begin to sprout and the promise of buds on the trees.
It is also a terrific time to do a little internal spring cleaning or spring clearing. Winter can bring more than frozen toes. For some us, we may have placed ideas and aspirations on a shelf. These ideas and aspirations get crowded out with the pulse of daily life. Errands to run, deadlines to meet, events to attend….time simply runs out.

In everyone’s life there is one level playing field for all of us – TIME! We are all blessed with the same 24 hour clock. You can’t buy more time, you can’t extend it.

Now back to these ideas or inspirations, my goal is to take them off the shelf, dust them off and find a specific time in my day to place them. This is also a reflection of time management. Spring is a perfect time to reevaluate how I am doing in this area. Do I need a bigger calendar, a smaller one or how about just one that I use? I am currently working in between 3 of them.

I am grateful for the change of seasons and the promise of new life. My challenge will be to apply this to my personal life as well.
Join me for a little clearing?