Ode to Oprah

Were you like me? Did you catch the last episode of Oprah and reach for kleenex? How do you take 25 years of learning and put it in to a 40 minute program? Here is a woman who has interviewed some of the most interesting, dynamic and memorable people on earth.
But then……
She gave us her points of wisdom. We all want to feel validated. We all want to be heard. We all want that common bond of acceptance.
She thanked God, acknowledged God and blessed the future “for the glory of God.”
It was a fabulous moment in television history.
Oprah also encouraged all of us to listen for the little voice inside all of us….the message that comes from God. The divine message which helps guide us towards that life which brings fulfillment and more importantly serves others.
Can you imagine the change we would see not only in ourselves but in the world if we could tap in to a small portion of this potential?
Oprah it has been an honor to take this journey with you for 25 years. I thank God for the gift of YOU and pray that we will all find our gift to share with others.

With Gratitude!


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