Unexpected Blessings

I took a walk early this morning and while I was drinking in the sky drenched in a shower of peach, orange and blue I noticed an ornament…..a hot air balloon. This was an unexpected blessing to my walk.
Have you ever considered all of the unexpected blessings in your day? They come in the most unusual packages. It could be the warmth of a smile or a green light on your way to a destination. Do we notice the blessings of our days?
The air was crisp this morning and the grass blanketed with a fresh coat of dew. We had storms overnight and the fireworks provided by mother nature were nothing short of breathtaking. They included thunder, lightening and unfortunately LARGE hail. It looked like it was raining golf balls….only mother nature could produce such a spectacle.  Could there be other unexpected blessings in this?
I will hold on to the vision of the hot air balloon as the theme for my Friday. It was light, airy and whimisical. What could be better for the day? What will your theme be?  I am grateful for unexpected blessings!