Ho, ho, ho and …

Ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas.  As we prepare our hearts may we keep the spirit of love in our minds and deeds.  We are celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may know true peace and love.  So that we may enjoy a blessed life in eternity.

I realize this event has become quite commercialized however the spirit of hope is still growing strong.  As we walk thru this life we will always encounter the Grinches and scripture can shed light on these dark corners of the world.  I especially like;  “Do not judge so that you will not be judged” Matthew 7:1

It is hard to pray for those who have wronged us or hurt us but it is absolutely essential to our Christian growth.  I have been especially challenged this holiday season and I continue to have great faith in the goodness of people.  We all have the capacity to help each other and to express love.

May this be the foundation for all things ahead of me.  Thank you God.

Merry Christmas 2011





Mile High Faith

Have you been bit by Tebow fever?  Certainly if you are a football fan of any variety you have heard about the Denver Bronco quarterback; Tim Tebow.  He is known for giving thanks to Jesus Christ his savior at the end of any game – win or lose.  He also credits his teammates and thanks God with every opportunity he receives. 

As I have watched the Broncos win the the last moments of the last few games or win in Overtime, I am entertained and excited.  You see I have been a Bronco fan since I was 9 years old….that was a long time ago.  But as I watch these last minute wins I notice my own faith in the ability of the team is tested – do I really believe or am I just a fair weather fan?

This leads me to a larger lesson.  I think Tim Tebow is showing us all week in and week out what faith is all about. 

Do we really believe?  Do we really accept Christ as our savior?  Is our life focused on this relationship?  There is no greater relationship in our lives.  Can it be a football player is helping us all return to our faith?  This is the biggest win.  There is no Greater Win in life than to have a fulfilling relationship with God.  To thank our redeemer daily.  This is my touchdown. 

 Thank you Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.   GO TEAM!  Thank you God.