I recently returned from the city of lights; Paris.

The history and culture of this fine city was incredible. I made this trip with my 18 year old daughter and it was interesting to watch her reaction to the different sites. It reminded me that appreciation sometimes requires maturity. There is no replacement for experience and education.

The expansion of art and architecture was unmistakable. The sidewalks had brilliant mosaics and doorways were anything but square. I left for Paris with great anticipation in regards to the food and I would not be disappointed. 

The first place we ate at ended up being our favorite. Angelinas.

If you have been blessed to try this eatery you have enjoyed the savory confection of sugar, cream and chocolate. While this tea room restaurant is known for its African Hot Chocolate, we tried many of their cheesecakes and cookies. each bite was delectable.

We also met a delightful lady there on our last night in Paris. She was a native to the area and absolutely wonderful. She told us she was a well-known patron and each restaurant employee greeted her with a smile and several kisses.
She shared with us that he birthday was coming up however she also told us she was “20” in her heart and mind therefore any other number simply didn’t matter.  One can only hope to have this same level of optimism as our exterior matures. 

Our encounter with her was a delightful last chapter to our Paris adventure. We had a lovely time during our vacation however the old adage still holds true – there’s no place like home!  I am grateful for the experience of Paris.  Travel provides a tremendous opportunity for growth and appreciation for many things.  Have you had a summer adventure?  Bask in the glow of the final days of August…..where summer gone? 

I wish you the spirit and decadence of a great cup of cocoa!

Have a great day.

My Daughter in front of Angelina’s in Paris

A Work Of Art?

I began painting months ago and I have found it to be exactly the outlet I have been looking for.
I am able to express feelings, concepts and expressions through acrylic.

Do you have such an outlet? When you tap in to this area of your mind and soul a new energy emerges. It is an activity I embrace with amazing enthusiasm. Each canvass encompasses a new adventure. You start thinking you know the destination and when you realize the final destination is something different a wave of “WOW” takes over. It is a beautiful moment.

I am grateful for this gift and hope it is a blessing to others.


Have you heard the saying that the best art comes in a frame? 

Your mind may go to the thoughts of a wall-hanging however this quote was made in the context of the frame of a window or the frame of your thoughts. 

This morning I saw a most beautiful piece of art.  It was a fiery orange burst of color against the backdrop of a lavender/blue sky.  The colors meshed similar to a kaleidoscope changing before my eyes.  In this sunrise I wished I had the picture in a frame on my wall.  The view was breathtaking. 

I stood and watched the evolution of color.  In the background a chorus of birds sang to me while a soft hush whispered through the trees.  The scent of grass tickled my nose. 

It was a magnificent moment.

A wave of gratitude washed through every cell of my being. 

What a marvelous morning. 

This is a perfect way to view a new day. 

I now have a piece of priceless art safely tucked in to my mind.  I hope you will take a moment to find a magnificent piece of art during your day.  It might be found in the giggle of a child or the greeting of a loyal pet.  The moments surround us. 

I am grateful for the Art in my Days…..what is in your frame?