In His Honor

Tonight I attended a memorial service for a young man my son went to high school with.  This young man was taken from this earth after 22 brief years. 

At the memorial service there were pictures of this young man at all phases of his life with his unique smile.  He fought a rare disease for the last 8 years of his life. 

He did not complain. 

He did not whine. 

He surpassed all odds. 

He continually surprised the people closest to him.  His integrity, determination and pure love of life are an inspiration to all of us.

The church was packed.  It does indeed take a community…a community of love and support to raise children, to support the elderly, to laugh at the daily shenanigans life presents us.  What has happened to our sense of community in the last 10 years? 

Do you know your neighbors? 

Do you wave at people as you drive through town? 

Do you greet people with a smile and a warm “Hello” when you enter the office?

Community.  It is the glue that keeps us human and builds the bonds of love.  In the end it’s all about the love.  I heard stories about a 22-year-old man today…they were filled with laughter, tears, sniffles and above all else LOVE!!! 

Tomorrow is his funeral.  I am inspired by the legacy of love I am witnessing during this time of grief.

Will you join me in renewing a vow to act a little kinder, speak a little nicer and above all else…LOVE MORE?


For Love of the Game?

This time of year is amazing.

The colors of leaves change from vibrant greens to yellows, reds and orange. .  This is not the only place colors are changing during this season.  There is another season that is erupting throughout fields everywhere…..

Friday nights are filled with high school competitions between gridiron teams.  Fans are yelling in the stands and cheerleaders encourage them to yell a little more.  Saturday’s we get an encore with the next level of football and we are entertained with more athletes, pursuing their dreams of a touchdown and victory.  I can hear the distant drum of a band breaking out in song as their team takes the field.  The sights, the sounds the splendor.

Sunday arrives and the football hangover is starting to mount but before it can really take hold, our professional teams take center stage and give us more to cheer for.  

October is especially interesting in that it is also the finale of the other sport; Baseball.  

The World Series.  If you cannot find a team to cheer for during the month of October – you are simply not looking hard enough.  If you are going to be a part-time fan – this is the month.  Pure athletic entertainment every night of the week. 

Let’s take a closer look at these competitions.  Have you ever noticed what an athlete does after a great play?  After they score a touchdown, make a run or perhaps a great tackle – there is an enthusiastic response.

You may also witness them pointing to the sky, saying a prayer and offering thanks to a power much bigger than themselves.  Refreshing.

After an athletic contest, think about the interviews.  What do these players and coaches say?  They usually talk about the blessings of those around them. 

Team sports are a great testament of gratitude.  A feeling of gratitude towards other teammates, coaches, parents and spiritual power.   So who is on your team?  A team could be a family, a work group, a volunteer organization, the possibilities are endless.

As we cheer on our teams and enjoy this festive season, I pray that we will maintain a spirit of gratitude inside.  It is such a blessing to partake in these sporting events.  The athletes, fans, coaches and spectators are fortunate to share in these athletic pastimes.

With a grateful heart – GO TEAM!!