Grateful for an Honor Code?

I would usually not comment on a controversial current event however in this case I could not resist. I know you have heard about it –  the BYU basketball player who has been suspended due to breaking the BYU honor code.

Now here is an epic idea….an honor code.

Don’t we all have one? What do you stand for? Do you say what you mean? These may sound like trivial and vague questions however the they are truly at the heart of who we are. 
In this case you have a reputable school with an honor code which embodies many attributes of behavior and gives instruction on what is and is not permissable.  By signing it you are agreeing to obey this code.
For an incoming student, this is a noble move – making a commitment to behave in a certain way in order to reflect positively on the University and encouraging a level of personal accountability.  Recently a star athlete admitted to breaking this code and has now been suspended from the team.
While many think this is a tragedy or fodder for a late-night comedy rant – it is an appropriate response based on their honor code.

In an age when athletes are given “passes” for many reasons it is refreshing to watch an institution and a team deal with a tough situation with honesty and integrity.

I am grateful for the wisdom of integrity and would submit there are many lessons to be learned from this situation.
I may even have to become a cougar fan?